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Swans Return to Governors Club

Many of you will remember when two swans graced the Club’s lake below the Governors Club Clubhouse on holes 9, 10, and 18. Through a gift from anonymous donors, a pair of new swans will again swim in the lake. The donors have named the couple Romeo & Juliet.


We all know that becoming accustomed to a new location can be difficult, and swans are no different. We are asking for the help of all members and residents in getting the swans settled, based on guidelines from their breeders.

For the first two weeks or so, the swans will live in a "hotel" on the lake to acclimate them. Once they are familiar with the setting, they may decide to roam throughout the community, although the goal is to have them reside mostly at the golf course lake. Please keep your distance from the swans to allow them to feel secure and keep their stress low.

FOOD IS KEY Governors Club’s grounds crew will dispense specialized feed at the lake. The swans must learn that the lake is the source of their food. So, please do not feed the swans. If they are fed elsewhere, they will not settle on the property and will not thrive. While the temptation might be to toss bread to feed them, please do not do so as it is not healthy for them. They must be trained to eat just the feed provided.TRAFFIC ALERT

Swans will wander and, unfortunately, that might mean crossing one of our many roads. Please be on the alert to avoid them if that happens. 

PREDATORS Swan’s natural predators include fox, raccoons, snapping turtles, and even dogs. Please be sure your dog is on a leash at all times as required in the neighborhood covenants and Club bylaws, especially when in the vicinity of the swans. THANK YOU

Although the lake is country club property and the swans belong to the Club, we are asking both members and residents alike to help us settle the swans by following the breeder's guidelines as noted in this email. We hope our newest “residents” provide a serene addition to our beautiful community for many years. 


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