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Real Estate Broker


Kimberly is refreshingly authentic, a Real Estate agent who delivers on her promises and goes beyond the call of duty. While her respectful, question-based approach helps her see the needs and priorities through the eyes of her clients, Kimberly’s trustworthiness and personable style inspire lifelong relationships with them.  


Kimberly has been involved in the industry since 1997. From working behind the scenes in title processing to working in commercial real estate, Kimberly brings a sense of expertise and professionalism wherever she goes. Throughout her career, Kimberly has focused on the legal side of real estate transactions while being licensed in multiple states.  


From the thoughtful initial client consultation to her passion for remaining in touch long after the closing documents are signed, Kimberly focuses on each client and delivers the kind of service they deserve.


Kimberly and her husband have been residents of Governors Club since 2008 along with their daughter and twin boys that keep them on their toes. Together they love going, hiking, running, dancing in the kitchen and lots of cooking. When she is not helping her clients realize their dreams (or keeping track of her twins!), you'll find her putting around in her garden. 

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