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Community Map

Governors Club MapTM-01.jpg

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Lot Size

0.5 - 2 Acres

Featuring close access to the community sidewalk system, many Governors Club's estate lots have golf course views, overlook lakes, or both. They are located on the higher elevations of Edwards Mountain and offer extraordinary, panoramic 20-mile views of Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, and beyond.


These properties are in yellow on the map above. 

Governors Square

Lot Size

0.2 - 0.45 Acres

Surrounded by the golf course, Governors Square gives most homes lovely views from almost every window. Property owners in this neighborhood pay sub-association dues for yard maintenance. They also pay an annual assessment levied by the Governors Club Property Owner's Association on all properties in Governors Club


This neighborhood is located near the northeast corner of Governors Club.

Highland Pond

Lot Size

2.5 - 4 Acres

The grand estates feature some of the largest lots in Governors Club and are characterized by diverse architecture and wooded lots. It is located on one of the two highest crests of Edwards Mountain with views of 15 to 25 miles and is shown in red towards the center of the map.


Residents share their neighborhood with the Salamander Preserve, a pond managed by the North Carolina Botanical Foundation Conservation Department as a research and breeding area for spotted and marbled salamanders. 



Morehead Forest

Lot Size

0.2 - 0.5 Acres

The largest of the Governors Club neighborhoods, Morehead Forest features a wide diversity of home styles with golf course and lake views.  The green spaces shown on the map are dedicated to wooded open spaces. The community sidewalk system starts on the north side of Lake Morehead, thus providing easy access to Morehead Forest residents. A future sidewalk connecting Morehead to Wilkinson Park is part of the neighborhood's long-range plan.


Morehead Forest is in purple and is located in the southern section of Governors Club. 

Saddle Ridge

Lot Size

0.3 - 1.25 Acres

Lying north in Governors Club, Saddle Ridge sits majestically atop a high ridge and overlooks the valley between Edwards Mountain and Edwards Ridge. It features rolling hills and expansive views. The diverse architecture and interesting topography give this neighborhood its own special feel. 


On the map, Saddle Ridge can be identified in purple and is in the middle of the map along the northern perimeter.



Stone Brook

Lot Size

0.25 - 0.75 Acres

This neighborhood is characterized by French Country architecture with stacked stone and cedar exteriors that include window boxes and shutters. There are two ponds nestled at the base of rolling hillside lots. Stone Brook is unique as it features its own amenity center, which is reserved for the exclusive use of its residents and guests which is funded by an additional assessment. 


The neighborhood (in orange) is located along the western side of the neighborhood near the Lystra or southern gate. 

Tryon Courte

Lot Size

0.15 - 0.3  Acres

A horseshoe-shaped neighborhood located near the Swimming and Tennis Center, Tryon Courte features and harmonious architectural style based on six customizable plans with red-brick facades. 


Property owners in this neighborhood pay an additional fee for yard maintenance and gutter cleaning.

Vance Villas

Lot Size

0.05 - 0.5 Acres

16 two-to-three-bedroom condos and lots for 30 single-family homes with golf and lake views. Close to the community sidewalks and the Governors Club facilities. Lots from .05 to .44 acres.



Walker Falls

Lot Size

0.3 - 0.8 Acres

Located near holes 3 and 4, Walker Falls features homes and lots with golf course views and is close to walking trails. Homes feature brick courtyards in the front with some customization. This neighborhood is in orange and near the middle of Governors Club.


Residents of Walk Falls pay a sub-association fee for common ground maintenance in addition to the neighborhood assessment.  

Wilkinson Park

Lot Size

0.4 - 0.75 Acres

Found in purple, Wilkinson Park is located along the southern border of Governors Club.  Many lots are flat, while some have more advanced topography, and the homes found here have a wide variety of sizes and architectural styles. 

Lot Sizes are Approximate

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