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Governors Club COO, Doug Shifflett, receives prestigious award!

From Maribeth Robb- President, Board of Directors

Doug Shifflett-Governors Club

Governors Club announced hat their General Manager and COO, Doug Shifflett, received the 2020 Club Manager of the Year award from the Carolinas Chapter of the Club Management Association of America. Doug served as the president of the Carolinas Chapter this year, overcoming the challenges of COVID-19 there, just as he has done here at Governors Club. He has demonstrated many years of commitment to professional development and leadership as a Club Manager, and this award is a recognition of both.

Receipt of this accolade is especially significant because it comes from Doug’s peers, who understand the skills needed to manage a successful and exceptional country club such as ours. As a member benefit, we all enjoy the results of Doug’s leadership every day at Governors Club, and I send him heartfelt congratulations on behalf of us all. As members, we can be proud of the exceptional performance of our Club and staff, the benefits it offers each of us, and the opportunities we have for fun, friendship, and developing fond memories. Our staff is outstanding, our volunteers hardworking and creative, and our members loyal and engaged. Simply put it's “Life at its Best.”


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