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Governors Club wins the Platinum Award

This is the second time Governors Club has received this award, beginning in 2019-2020. The biennial vote takes place in the fall of even years and is conducted over a 90-day period. General Managers, Presidents and Owners vote to identify America's Premier Private Clubs that demonstrate excellence and meet the seven selection criteria as mandated by the Advisory Board. The seven selection criteria for Platinum Club status are:

1. Universal Recognition

2. Excellence in Amenities and Facilities

3. Caliber of Staff and Professional Service Levels

4. Quality and Commitment of Membership

5. Governance and Prudent Fiscal Management

6. Adapting to Changing Times

7. Overall Experience

These seven criteria form the benchmark of excellence and best practices in the Private Country Club industry. Only 300 clubs earn admission to the ranks of Platinum Clubs of America, representing the top 5% of private clubs in the nation. Of the 300, only 150 private country clubs are acknowledged.


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