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Tile Talk with BOLD Construction

High Point Market, hosted in High Point, NC, stands as the world’s largest home furnishings trade show, showcasing the freshest styles, trends, and products. During the latest event, Jessie Quinones, Renovations Coordinator at BOLD Construction, our sister company known for its expertise in custom homes and renovations, shared her valuable insights from her visit.

Jessie, with her profound love for tile and ceramics—rooted in her childhood experiences and cultural background—brings a unique perspective to the evolving home design trends. “I could talk tile all day,” Jessie shared, reflecting on her upbringing around her father’s tile company and newly constructed homes. This deep connection to construction has honed her eye for detail and quality, especially in tile work.

At the recent High Point Market, Jessie highlighted a rising trend in the use of handmade tiles. “I get a great sense of joy knowing that handmade tiles are trending,” she remarked. “In my culture, these have always been a staple, and it’s exciting to see them embraced in American design.” These tiles, known for their artisanal quality and unique imperfections, add authenticity and character to any living space.

Current trends are gravitating towards organic design elements like terracotta floor tiles, intricately patterned tiles, and various textured tiles. These styles manage to be both bold and subtle, offering a timeless yet modern appeal. If you’re looking to incorporate these latest trends into your home, or to learn more about how BOLD Construction can benefit you, visit or call 919-929-6288.


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