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Governors Club POA Wins Regional United Way Spirit of NC Award

The United Way of North Carolina recently held its annual Spirit of North Carolina Awards to celebrate organizations that have shown exceptional partnership through fundraising and volunteer efforts, outstanding leadership, and creative team building. The awards also recognized organizations that prioritize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) values, as well as individuals who champion the United Way's mission.

United Way of North Carolina President and CEO Brittany Fletcher; Stan Campbell, Jim Butler and Janie Butler, representing GC area captains; and United Way of North Carolina Board Member Nichole Rapuano on stage for the award presentation.

The awards ceremony took place from March 1 through March 3, with 74 winners from 17 local United Way chapters honored at three regional events. The Central NC United Way agencies gathered in Pittsboro at the Agricultural Center on Thursday, March 2, where Kirk Bradley, Chairman, President, and CEO of Lee-Moore Capital, and Karen Howard, Chair of the Chatham County Board of Commissioners, presented the awards.

The Governors Club POA, United Way Community Ambassador, was honored with the following presentation read to the audience:

The Governors Club neighborhood holds the record for raising the most money in any residential community across the state. This year their exceptional campaign performance continued, which is only made possible by the extreme support provided by residents of the community leading the charge.

Governors Club utilizes a network of area captains to champion the effort within their own streets/areas. Twenty-eight Governors Club area captains led the fall campaign, updating campaign fundraising signs around the neighborhood, writing personalized messages to neighbors in each area, making telephone calls to their neighbors and ensuring United Way received publicity in the neighborhood digital and print newsletters and magazines. Over 900 homes make up the Governors Club neighborhood, and the United Way campaign would be impossible without the extraordinary leadership provided by Governors Club’s area captains, and the annual support from the homeowner’s association. The Governors Club community exemplifies what it means to be ambassadors for good and true change agents in Chatham County.

Congratulations to the Governors Club POA and all winners for their outstanding contribution towards building stronger, more resilient communities!


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