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Governors Club Bark Park: A Great Place to Meet!

Governors Club embraces community through various initiatives, and their Bark Park is one of them! The Bark Park is a community gathering spot for residents and their canine companions. The park is an excellent way to enjoy the North Carolina weather while socializing with other dog owners. If you are new to the Governors Club Community, this may be a great opportunity to meet your fellow neighbors and make some new furry friends as well!

Located on Red Parker Drive next to the POA building, the Bark Park occupies two acres of shaded, fenced, well-tended, and pesticide-free ground. Volunteer residents through the Bark Park Subcommittee help monitor and maintain the park.

The Subcommittee also does a fantastic job hosting several Bark Park gathering events throughout the year. Their two highlight events include Dogs and Donuts and A Howling Good Time. These events are loved by residents young and old and with or without dogs. In the past, these events held canine behavioral demonstrations and dog adoptions presented by CARE, Chatham Animal Rescue. These events were well-received by the community, and several dogs found their forever homes through the adoption event!

The Bark Park is one of many amazing amenities here in Governors Club! If you would like to learn more about the Bark Park, other amenities, or insight into the lifestyle here in the Club, feel free to connect with us at 919.968.8500 or swing by our office at 10100 Governors Drive in Chapel Hill for more information.


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