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From City Lights to Southern Delights: Finding Forever in Governors Club

Tucked away in the scenic enclave of Governors Club, lies an exceptional find – a residence that beautifully embodies the charisma and individuality of its owner, Camille Perona.

Originally hailing from San Francisco, Camille's journey led her to Governors Club in November 2021. "I found Governors Club online," says Camille. With a distinguished background as a forensic CPA specializing in Family Law, her impressive professional skills are complemented by her warm personality, which exudes throughout her home.

Having chosen to partner with Governors Club Realty, Camille's experience was nothing short of exceptional. She was introduced to Jill Ehrenfeld, who, as a representative of Governors Club Realty, assisted her in finding her dream home. "Governors Club Realty represented most of the sellers in Governors Club, so I contacted Jill Ehrenfeld. She was exceptional," Camille fondly recalls, highlighting the crucial role her agent played in making her dream home a reality.

Camille's decision to settle in Governors Club was solidified upon her visit. The moment she walked into the extraordinary home, she was so impressed that she decided to purchase then and there. "With Jill's help, I found the perfect home," says Camille.

When asked about her favorite aspects of the home, Camille finds it challenging to pick just one. She expresses her affection for the expansive primary bedroom suite, complete with a remarkably spacious bathroom. Additionally, she highlights the third lower level, a dedicated space for her hobbies and wardrobe. The main floor's open-plan design also captivates her, providing a wonderful layout for seamless movement and connection.

Beyond the confines of her abode, Camille has found herself immersed in the welcoming embrace of the Governors Club community. Reflecting on her choice, she notes, "The community is welcoming and one of the reasons I came here." Her affiliation with the Club has opened doors to a plethora of opportunities. With enthusiasm, she shares her ventures into the world of dance, Pilates, and even vocal training, all of which she discovered nearby. 

The distinctive allure of the Stone Brook community, where Camille's residence is nestled, provides an added layer of richness to her life. With a pool, tennis court, and pavilion at her disposal, she is effortlessly drawn into a lifestyle of comfort and luxury.  

During her leisure moments, Camille expresses her creativity through painting, finding solace in nature while feeding birds, and handcrafting dresses. An avid shoe collector, her love for fashion permeates her unique and artistic hobbies.

Article originally published in Stroll Governors Communities Magazine!


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