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Finding Home in Governors Club: The Van Hoff Family's Story of Discovery and Belonging

In August of 2021, Marc and Betsy Van Hoff embarked on a quest to find the perfect place to raise their family, which led them from the South Shore of Boston to the welcoming community of Governors Club in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Their journey began when they came across a home listing and contacted the listing agent, Kimberly Lovegrove, who happened to be a resident of the neighborhood herself. Kimberly showcased not only the home, but also the warm and inviting community surrounding it. The Van Hoffs were instantly captivated by the careful planning and continuous maintenance that make Governors Club truly exceptional.

Marc and Betsy's love story unfolded over 17 years, supporting each other through navigating careers, furthering education, many relocations, and raising their two wonderful children, Matilda and Remy. Along the way, Marc settled into a career in logistics technology, and Betsy left higher education to focus on their family. Completing their harmonious ensemble is Scout, a lovable and highly energetic Cockapoo who adores people and has a knack for waking everyone up in the morning.

Their decision to work with Governors Club Realty was solidified after their initial phone call with Kimberly Lovegrove. Learning that Kimberly lived in the neighborhood provided a sense of trust and accountability. They booked a flight the following day to meet Kimberly in person and were pleasantly surprised when she greeted them at the airport and warmly welcomed them to the community. Faced with numerous questions about the home, community, education, healthcare, and more, Kimberly proved to be an invaluable resource, offering guidance and support even after the home purchase was finalized.

Nestled on an expansive one-acre lot, the Van Hoff's custom French Country home offers a sanctuary of privacy and tranquility. With hints of mid-century modern minimalism, dark wooden floors, and large bay windows, the interior creates a cozy atmosphere. It caters perfectly to their family, fostering quality time for dance parties, fort-building, and peaceful corners where the children can immerse themselves in a good book. They also love their location, as they have formed deep friendships with their amazing neighbors along their very special street.

Since moving in, the Van Hoffs have discovered that Governors Club is remarkably accessible and attracts a diverse range of individuals with unique backgrounds and experiences. Residents share a desire to live in a secure environment with top-notch infrastructure and the opportunity for an active, healthy lifestyle.

As they reflect on their journey, the Van Hoff family acknowledges that Governors Club is more than just a place to reside—it is a community that thrives on the collective efforts of its residents. People in Governors Club are willing to invest their time and energy into creating an extraordinary place to call home. With hearts full of gratitude, the Van Hoffs believe they have chosen the perfect place to build a life brimming with warmth, endless possibilities, and a strong sense of belonging.

Article originally published in Stroll Governors Communities Magazine!


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