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Home is Where the Heart Is: John and Dianne's Journey Back to Chapel Hill

Meet John and Dianne, a lovely couple whose charming home in Governors Club is the highlight of this month's feature. Their story is a tapestry of love, family, and an enduring connection to the southern part of heaven.

John's early life found his way through various cities before settling in Raleigh, where he graduated from Broughton High School. Dianne is a small-town girl who grew up in Smithfield, North Carolina. Their paths crossed in college, sparked by a blind date at NC State, blossoming further as John pursued his MBA at UNC. Their love for Chapel Hill and each other deepened during these formative years.

After their wedding, the couple moved to Indiana, but the cold winters soon had them yearning for the familiar warmth of North Carolina. Their journey later led them to Wilmington, North Carolina, yet the allure of the Piedmont remained ever-present. This ultimately directed them to their home in Governors Club, found through an online search and the invaluable assistance of Rose Farrales and Seth Gold with Governors Club Realty.

Family lies at the heart of their joy, including two children, grandchildren, and their adored pet, Dickens, named after one of Dianne’s favorite authors. Dianne, after a fulfilling 25-year career teaching English and Social Studies, has retired, while John continues his role as an independent financial advisor, a career spanning over two decades.

John's connection to nature and craftsmanship is evident in his hobbies. He meticulously nurtures bonsai trees, with a particularly cherished one grown from a boxwood cutting from Dianne’s ancestral cemetery in Smithfield. His talent in woodworking is evident throughout their home, boasting pieces like a pencil post bed and nightstands crafted from a walnut tree he and a buddy felled nearly fifty years ago in Raleigh.

When choosing their home, the couple entrusted Governors Club Realty, praising agents Rose and Seth for their dedication, community knowledge, and professionalism. "They worked tirelessly for months to find us the right home. We had just about given up when Rose found this home and did a Facetime walk-through with us. As soon as we saw it, we knew it was the right one! They are truly exceptional realtors," commends John and Dianne.

The allure of Governors Club for them was not just in its picturesque landscape but also in its proximity to essential amenities like the airport, medical facilities, shopping, and cultural events. Their home, with its unique floor plan, is a haven for them. The stone fireplace adds character, the sunroom is a peaceful retreat, and the screened porch and patio offer breathtaking views of their wooded lot. Dianne, a nature enthusiast, delights in spotting deer in the backyard.

Governors Club has proven to be a welcoming and inclusive community. Social gatherings with neighbors and participation in groups like the book club and walking club have enriched their experience.

Reflecting on their move, John and Dianne share, "Moving is stressful, but this move has been a joy." Their story has come full circle, bringing them back to where it all began."We are so excited to return to the place where we met and dated while in graduate school at UNC. It has always been a special place for us." In their new home, amidst nature and a vibrant community, they have found a perfect place to continue their life's journey together.

Article originally published in Stroll Governors Communities Magazine!


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