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BOLD Sponsors the Carolina Chamber's 81st Annual Meeting

On Friday, February 9, the Carolina Chamber hosted its 81st Annual Meeting at the Carolina Club in Chapel Hill. The event was themed "What are you FOR," a play on words for the year 2024 with the hashtag #2020For.

The gathering brought together a vibrant assembly of more than 300 businesses and community leaders, creating a space to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of the past year. BOLD Companies proudly sponsored the event, and CEO Chris Ehrenfeld took the stage to share insights on what it means to be BOLD. During his remarks, he debuted an inspiring new video showcasing the mission of BOLD companies.

A memorable moment unfolded when Chris shared a story about the Chapel Hill market, where two homes went under contract that week with BOLD Real Estate for $100,000 over the list price. During his speech, one of BOLD's residential real estate agents, Desiree Goldman, passionately declared, "It is our job to find the best home for our clients, no matter what!" Desiree has been a Realtor in the area since 1998, giving her the local knowledge that is crucial in a hot and fast-moving market like this. Acknowledging the challenges, Chris addressed the issue of affordable housing, stating, "Growth is great, and there are going to be challenges. Affordable housing is already a big challenge, and it is only going to get bigger."

Notable announcements included Trinsic Residential's revelation of a new apartment project underway in Chapel Hill, incorporating allocated affordable units. This initiative aligns with the pressing need for diverse housing options. The Greater Chapel Hill Carrboro campaign reported impressive progress, raising $1,367,050 towards its $1.4 million fundraising goal. The campaign focuses on crucial initiatives such as workforce development, accelerating small business growth and startup support, and increasing housing supply and affordability. UNC Health shared the exciting news that the new surgical hospital at UNC is nearing completion and remains on schedule for its May 2024 opening.

Below is the video that BOLD Companies presented during the event:


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