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BOLD Companies Sponsors the SFSF Fundraising Event!

BOLD companies, along with Gretchen Castorina of Compass Realty, Bland Landscaping Co., and Sean Murray Grading, Inc, sponsored the Step Forward Scholarship Fund (SFSF) event earlier this month.

The SFSF is an independent, non-profit organization run entirely by GC volunteers. The organization seeks to provide financial support to qualifying Governors Club employees and their children to help them achieve their educational and career aspirations.

This year the SFSF awarded 18 scholarships totaling $119,000 for the 2022 academic year, including two $15,000 Governors Scholarships.

"We are an all-volunteer organization, and the corporate sponsorship dollars cover administration costs and expenses associated with yearly fundraising events, " said Nancy Broaddus, SFSF Board member and chair of the Fundraising Committee. "The generosity of the companies enables the organization to direct every dollar contributed by individual donors to scholarships. The SFSF corporate sponsorship program is just one way these special businesses express their support for our community and make Governors Club such a wonderful place to live."

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