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Memories in Every Corner: The Hopkins' Home in Governors Club

Governors Club Residents

David and Angelia Hopkins are a delightful couple hailing from Ohio and Texas who embarked on a new chapter of their lives when they retired in 2017 and moved to Colleton River Club in Bluffton, South Carolina. Their journey took an exciting turn in August 2023 during a visit to their son in Durham, leading them to discover Governors Club, a decision influenced by their family’s shared passion for golf. 

David and Angelia are proud parents to six children and doting grandparents to an energetic brood of 11.  Family is priority and much of their time is spent visiting their loved ones who live close by and in Florida, Indiana, and Texas. 

David and Angelia have inspiring professional journeys. David has a P.E.D. in Kinesiology from Indiana University, while Angelia graduated from Indiana State University with a B.A. in French. Their paths crossed at The University of Texas of the Permian Basin in Odessa, TX, where they both worked. David dedicated 44 years to higher education, serving as a professor and administrator, and concluded his career as the President of Wright State University in Dayton, OH. As the First Lady of Wright State University, Angelia actively engaged in fundraising, event planning, and fostering relationships with alumni and local community organizations.


When it came to choosing their home in Governors Club, the couple placed their trust in Governors Club Realty. They were particularly impressed with their agent, Scott Kelley, whose expertise about the Club and its surroundings was invaluable. Kelley's dedication to understanding their needs made the process smooth and enjoyable.

Their home, chosen for its breathtaking view of the golf course and a tranquil pond, is a perfect blend of elegance and comfort. The warmth and openness of the house, along with a beautifully renovated kitchen, made it an irresistible choice. The back patio, overlooking the 4th hole of the Lakes course, has become their favorite spot.

The Hopkins have incorporated the travels and experiences from their lives in a vibrant array across their home. They have hung framed maps from their international travels along a stairway wall. Beautiful crosses adorn the home in many shapes and sizes – a tribute to their time in Texas, where many homes have dedicated “cross walls.” The couple loves Broadway musicals and have taken to framing the playbills from some of their favorite shows. True golf enthusiasts, they also collect course maps and flags from famous holes from various golf trips taken with their children over the years. Angelia has an affinity for colored glass objects and treasures a unique glass piece from an antique 1800’s Czech Bohemian lamp that belonged to her grandmother.  David and Angelia love hanging original artwork from places they have visited. One of their favorite artists is Rick Reinert, a Contemporary Impressionist in Charleston. 

A wall of playbills

The Hopkins' integration into the community was rapid and welcoming. Just a week after moving in December 2023, they were invited to a holiday block party, offering a wonderful opportunity to meet their neighbors. Their next-door neighbors have been particularly hospitable, inviting them to various events and gatherings, including a memorable New Year's Party.

Governors Club Residents

The couple's deep love for their community extends beyond their immediate neighborhood, as they actively participate in various club events. The assistance provided by the staff at Governors Club, especially by Avery Denton, Director of Marketing & Membership, was significant in helping the Hopkins settle in, highlighting the genuine and supportive nature of the community.

Article originally published in Stroll Governors Communities Magazine!

Stroll Magazine Article


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