Alternative Uses for Garage Space

Garages are underappreciated. In the majority of homes, they typically serve one of two purposes: their intended one (car storage), or the unfortunate dumping ground for junk, decorations, and other objects too clunky to fit elsewhere in the home.

But the garage is a unique space with unique characteristics: a giant door, concrete flooring, often unfinished walls, privacy, and isolation from the rest of the house. As a result, it’s a great idea for special rooms. Here are some fun things you can do with your garage!

Craft Room

Good with a needle and thread? Run your own Etsy or eBay business? If so, you know that space for your hobby can be a huge challenge. A garage makes for the perfect craft room!

For one, there’s the ample room: a single car garage is typically 12×22 feet, giving you ample room for inventory, a workbench, and even a small desk for a laptop. A garage door is also a far more convenient portal for larger items, especially if you’re into repairing antiques or furniture. The plainer aesthetics of a garage also mean you don’t have to hinder the look and feel of your living space.


Love getting your hands dirty with DIY projects? A garage is the ideal workshop. Both a single and a two-car garage offer plenty of space, but a two-car garage lets you work on larger projects.

The most obvious benefit here is noise. Aside from being isolated from the rest of the home, you can add sound insulating material with ease. A concrete floor also means easy cleanup for wood shavings! Do note, however, that concrete is porous, so you’ll need floor mats if you’re working with liquids.


With their sturdy floors, large doors for ventilation and often unfinished walls, garages are perfect for the in-home gym of your dreams.

Unfinished walls make installing a squat rack far easier, especially if they’re made of concrete or cinder blocks. You can also mount speakers on the walls for a workout soundtrack! If you’re lifting from the floor, take caution: dropping weights can easily crack or dent concrete. You’ll need a gym mat to help absorb the impact.

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