Professional Team


Ken Huff Builders, Inc./Ken Huff

57807 Owen
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Phone: (919) 422-8173
Fax: (919) 471-8516

Following his retirement from the NFL in 1986, Ken Huff established his own custom home building company in Northern Virginia. After five years, Ken decided to return to the home of his alma mater, the University of North Carolina. This enabled him to offer his skills and expertise to a new market.

Since 1993, Ken Huff Builders, Inc. has completed over 20 homes in every price range for Governors Club, and Ken carefully oversees each of his projects with the same attention to detail and concern for his client’s needs. To meet those needs, Ken Huff Builders offers a complete line of design options to customize any area of the new home according to the specific wishes and requests of the homeowner. The company works closely with architects because Ken is dedicated to orchestrating a smooth transition from design to construction.

Ken believes that building a custom home is a lot like building a championship football team. “It takes the right players to put together a winning combination. The same kind of hard work and dedication that saw me through 11 years in the NFL, I now put into my homes. I have assembled the best possible players for my team and together we have created homes of superior craftsmanship and quality.” The company accepts only the amount of work that can be handled efficiently and properly. Ken personally visits each of his job sites regularly, and is careful in supervising the quality and progress of every project.

K. Alan Company/Rocky McCampbell

11310 Governors Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Phone: (919) 960-2840
Fax: (919) 960-2714

Rocky McCampbell began working as a frame carpenter in 1967 at age 15, and has continued that line of work for over 30 years. In fact, back in 1974 he earned a degree in Building Construction from Michigan State University.

After working in the industry in both Michigan and Florida, Rocky relocated to Raleigh and began subcontracting various jobs to familiarize himself with local procedures and codes. He obtained his North Carolina Building License in 1991, and since then has been adding to his solid reputation as a quality custom home builder.

It is important to Rocky to maintain involved with a hands-on interaction with subcontractors and to effectively oversee the entire process of construction from start to finish. K. Alan Company also offers assistance with the selection of designs and materials, and has considerable experience building homes in several of the finest communities in the Triangle.

Bold Construction/Jason Dell

50211 Governors Dr.
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Office: (919) 929-6288
Mobile: (919) 346-3355
Fax: (919) 882-9002

A house in Governors Club is not simply a house. It’s the result of an outstanding design team, the most skilled craftsmen in the area, a network of superior local and national suppliers and an excellent builder to bring everything together to create a truly distinctive project. The outcome of the project is exactly as you dreamed, down to the smallest detail. There is one company which can stand true to their commitment to making your dream into a home in Governors Club; it would be the premier custom home builder, Bold Construction.

Bold Construction believes in a combination of first class materials and expert quality control which assures long lasting beauty, low maintenance, exceptional energy efficiency and a solid investment for the future. When you enter one of our homes for the first time, you will feel and see the exquisite quality as you go from room to room; you begin to feel a sense of comfort and safety.

Our utmost commitment at Bold Construction is to the client and their desires. Throughout the entire process, we believe in communicating with the homeowner to ensure everything is planned, on schedule, on budget and exactly as the homeowner wishes. We only accept a limited number of custom projects each year to maintain outstanding construction quality.

We demand the highest merit and on time results from our subcontractors. In turn, we keep our promises to ethically execute our contracts. Bold Construction couples the latest materials and building techniques to make our projects efficient, which reduces the amount of wasted energy and lowers the homeowner’s cost of living.

Jason Dell has established his company as one of the premier custom home builders for Governors Club clientele, having built homes in Governors Club for over 10 years. Bold Construction is a Licensed General Contractor with an unlimited commercial and residential license in North Carolina. As a part of the Bold Construction team, are looking forward to creating a pleasant building experience for you, with an exceptional outcome!


Shaw Design Associates P.A./Keith Shaw

180 Providence Road Ste 8
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Office: (919) 493-0528

Award winning architect Keith Shaw, AIA, founded Shaw Design Associates in Chapel Hill in 1995. Almost immediately he began working within Governors Club, completing over 70 custom estate homes, 100 forsale homes, and over 80 renovations.

Keith has walked every lot in Governors Club, noting every nuance and recognizing how one lot relates to another. As a consultant, he helps homeowners uncover the best aspects and assets of each site and determine the best location and orientation for a home there. Then he suggests architectural forms and styles that will truly complement the individual lot.

Keith has also designed custom and for sale homes within every terrain option in Governors Club, from Morehead Forest’s flat lots to the more challenging properties in the estate section. As a result, he has become an expert at transforming topographic issues into architectural opportunities. Siting and designing unique homes that complement their context and provide spectacular views while meeting the homeowners’ needs and dreams.

Of course, the completion of a custom home depends on a team of experts. Shaw Design Associates maintains valuable relationships with the best custom homebuilders, landscape architects, interior designers, and other craftsmen and consultants. As a full service firm, Shaw Design Associates also utilizes its own team’s expertise in lighting design, blending the latest technology with design concepts to create an energy efficient ambiance both inside and outside each home. And the firm’s 3D design capability lets clients see the finished home before construction even begins.

Shaw Design Associates is committed to designing energy efficient homes that embrace both intuitive sustainable principles (such as orienting a home to maximize natural light and ventilation) and state of the art technologies. The result is a vast portfolio of comfortable, eco friendly homes that conserve natural resources and minimize utility costs.

Keith Shaw is a valued member of the Governors Club Custom Home Program. He continues to earn accolades from the residents for Best Architectural Design, Best Team Design, and Customer Satisfaction. A Governor’s Club Member of Distinction, Keith was also voted “Best Architect in Chapel Hill” in Chapel Hill Magazine’s “Best Of” 2014 and 2015 readers’ polls.

Steven Clipp Architecture/Steven Clipp

22 Kendall Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Phone: (919) 929-7838
Fax: (919) 929-7838

Steven Clipp AIA, has almost 30 years experience in the design of custom homes and is the winner of numerous awards including ‘Best Home Design in North Carolina Under 5000 SF’. His homes are crafted to find peace, elicit joy and bring families together.

Steve Clipp loves his work. He believes that just as it is possible to handcraft a fine table, it is possible to handcraft a fine home. Handcrafted home design involves drawing on paper, to preserve the direct connection between the brain and the hand. Every line laid down has meaning and there is time for contemplation of that meaning. Handcrafting allows for experimentation with new materials such as AAC block and different philosophies such as Feng Shui. Finally, just as with a table that receives multiple hand sandings, it involves multiple re-evaluations to hone each space and each view into the best it can be. The quiet, expert contemplation of your home is the most valuable service the Architect renders.

Steve Clipp is of Scottish ancestry and analytical bent. Money, his or his client’s, has to be spent wisely. Every expenditure has to make sense and be at the lowest, but fair, price. A well designed home will always sell for more and even in the market drop all of his homes have sold for more than their initial cost.

Steve Clipp is also the host of the internet radio talk show ‘Winning The Dream Home Race’ on the Voice America network. His show is live on Friday mornings and available for download through his website for listening at your leisure. Episodes titles include ‘Romancing the Home’, ‘Dollars and Sense’, ‘Understanding Contractors’, and ‘Getting Started on the Truly Custom Home’.

Whether in French Country, New England Shingle, Contemporary or Prairie Style, Steve Clipp’s homes are visually striking. But where they really stand out is in the comfort of the Owners.

If you think of building a custom home as a race, most people who leave the starting gate do finish. However, only a very few are WINNERS. Winning means creating a home that relaxes us and strengthens our bonds, in which waking is a joy and coming home a reward. Winning is a home that speaks to our inner soul. Winning is creating an investment that returns at better than the norm – no matter what the market does.

Paces & Roehm/Abbie Lee Roehm

Renovation & Addition Specialist
Office: 404.644.7457

Abbie Lee’s passion for design began at a young age. She was greatly influenced by the Classical Southern Architecture in Alabama where she was raised. Later Abbie Lee went on to get her Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Tennessee. She also studied architecture abroad at Temple University in Rome, Italy. During her time in Italy she was inspired by the innovation, timelessness, and beauty of Renaissance Architecture. Abbie Lee has been practicing architecture over the past 14 years at firms in New York City, Atlanta, and Chapel Hill. Her experience led her to work on a broad range of projects from U.S. Embassies, The 911 Memorial Museum, Luxury Apartments, and high-end custom residential work. She has completed projects in Key West, FL; Charleston, SC; Cary, NC; Geneva, Switzerland; New Haven, CT; and Manhattan. With an extensive portfolio behind her she launched Paces and Roehm Architecture.

Landscape Architects

Sears Design Group, PA/Ron Price, RLA, ASLA

625 West Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27603
Phone: 919832-7000
Fax: 919-832-8140

The award winning and often-published firm of Sears Design Group, PA, Landscape Architects, is a Research Triangle Area based design firm with offices in downtown Raleigh, NC. We practice Residential Landscape Design, Residential Land Planning, Open Space Planning and Design. Our firm’s mission is to create the highest quality design products while providing both timely and professional services to our clients.

Over twenty-five of the firm’s projects have received local, state and national awards for design excellence. The firm has been providing land planning to The Village of Fearrington since 1976. Sears’ projects are found in North and South Carolina, Philadelphia PA, eastern Tennessee, Virginia and Jackson Hole, WY.

In charge of Sears’ Governors Club projects is Landscape Architect, Ron Price, who has been providing landscape architectural services to the Governors Club community since 1994. He has served on the Governors Club Architectural Review Board (ARB) and on the Custom Home Advisory Committee. Ron is the recipient of several Governors Club Awards including the President’s Award (given by GC POA) and CHP awards including Member of Distinction Award, Team Project Award and Award for Best Landscape Plan.

Sears Design Group’s design approach is to involve the client in the process. In a “client needs analysis,” we learn the client’s desires for their project. We then provide alternative design concepts for their consideration. A master plan is then created from the client’s feedback. Implementation of the master plan into approval drawings and construction/bidding documents is accomplished by the firm’s seven person staff that includes three landscape architects. Services during construction assure the client that the project is built as designed, and that a beautiful and functional landscape is the result.

We invite your call to receive a copy of our “Master Planning Process” which has been the cornerstone of our practice for over 28 years.

Arnette Clark Design/Arnette Clark, RLA

Phone: (919) 852-0670

The founder and key landscape architect, Arnette, received her educational training with both an art and science base; her bachelorette degree being in Ornamental Horticulture from the University of Tennessee and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from LSU. She continues to advance her learning in the site design and landscape fields by attending classes and workshops at the arboretums and universities found in the Triangle.

Arnette has created architectural landscapes for over 25 years, carefully creating designs that include Robert Trent Jones Golf Club at Lake Manassas and The Arboretum in Asheville, as well as residential areas like Governors Club, The Birklands, and The Preserve at Jordan Lake.

We welcome new projects—big or small, commercial or residential—with enthusiasm, and look forward to bringing our spirit of collaboration and creativity to your project.